The World Called Delgar

“Plant a thousand seeds in rocky soil, and none will sprout. Yet a single seed tended properly may, in time, feed thousands.”

Dol proverb

I feel I have written this beginning many times. Perhaps I have. My musings lie scattered to the four winds, some collecting in the dark corners of /r/worldbuilding and /r/magicbuilding, others banished to various note-taking apps, poorly maintained wikis, and random scraps of long-discarded paper. I think I even had a Tumblr at one point. Truly, my organizational skills know no bounds. No lower bounds, at any rate.

This is my attempt to collect my thoughts on the world called Delgar. On its people, places, and things. Its history, its customs, and its cultures.

Starting today, for no particular reason beyond there being no time like the present, I am committing to write at least one post about something in this world every week for the next year.

Today’s post is about the world itself, in broad strokes. Enjoy.

The world called Delgar is a place much like any other, save for its inexplicable penchant for the impossible.

It is home to several intelligent Races, sometimes divided among and sometimes united by a multitude of Cultures, which form fuzzy, ever-shifting intersections with the various Nations that vie for power throughout the world.

Delgar is also a world of Magic, expressed via mysterious Runes and powered by the Aether that flows from place to place, shaping the very lands it passes through.

It has two Moons: Sono and Zimaz, which orbit one another as they revolve around the planet, caught in a celestial dance. These moons as well as the Constellations that decorate the night sky play central roles in many of Delgar’s Religions, not to mention its Calendars.

It is a world with a grand History, with its attendant Heroes and Villains and their many Conflicts.

But most of all, Delgar is a world of Stories.

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