Hex Map

I spent about an hour in Hexographer yesterday tracing over the world map of Delgar and came up with this:



This exercise reveals some interesting things about the world, which I hadn’t really considered. Specifically, how big is it?

Now obviously, this isn’t the map of an entire world at this point, as much as I tend to think of it as one, because this is the only part of Delgar that has been developed. It’s really a map of one continent about 1400 miles across, roughly the size of Western Europe, based on the “24 miles per hex” rule of thumb I’ve adopted from Matthew Colville.

That makes sense to me. It seems to be about the right scale. It means walking from one end of the continent to the other would take about two months. Enough space for some grand adventure, but not so much space that it would take ages to fill in.

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