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I Made Another Font for Hylian (From The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [3D])


Not content to remaster fonts from one Zelda game, I have created one for Ocarina of Time! Behold:

This font is the version featured in Ocarina of Time 3D and the Hyrule Encyclopedia. It is set up so you can type romaji and get the syllable glyphs shown in the table above (limited to just those symbols). Incomplete syllables will have the consonants rendered in Latin letters (borrowed from the Triforce font) to make it easier to know what you’re typing.

Be aware that, like the other font, it uses custom ligatures and will only work in an application which supports them (in particular, MS Paint and WordPad do not, but most other programs do). If you want to use the font in a program that doesn’t support ligatures, you’ll have to use something like Character Map to copy and paste the extended Latin characters and other symbols that the ligatures are mapped onto.

I think my Zelda font adventures are probably done for the moment, though I am considering making a blockier version of this font to match the original OoT style. The existing “Hylian 64” font (available on has leading (vertical spacing) issues and could also benefit from the romaji ligature treatment.