About Me


My name is Jon Molnar. I’m known online by many names, but most consistently as “cogspace”.

While the name “cogspace” may conjure images of steampunk starships or the corporate landing page of an AI startup, the “cog” in it originated as a portmanteau of “comic” and “blog” and dates back to the days when web comics were all the rage and I had the idea to create a site for hosting them. A sort of proto-Tumblr, as it were. Had I as much follow-through as I have imagination… well, lots would be different.

Things you’ll find here:

  • Film photography
  • Programming stuff
  • Half-baked Arduino projects
  • Political ramblings from a socialist perspective
  • Game development stuff
  • Tabletop RPG content
  • Whatever else interests me

If you want to get in touch with me, email me at jon@cogspace.com or DM me on Twitter (@jon_cogspace).

Enjoy your visit!