Film Photography

Retro Camera Review: Wester Autorol

After getting back into film photography with a 35mm SLR earlier this year, it was only a matter of time before I was seduced by the comparatively massive negatives of 120 medium format film, and so I began researching options. When I discovered the Wester Autorol via Japan Vintage Camera for only $150, I knew […]


Why I Hate School

Whatever the publication date of this article may read, know that I am writing this on the 31st of August, 2021. According to my somewhat esoteric reckoning of time, this is the very last day of summer. Autumn begins promptly on the 1st of September and every season lasts precisely three months. (It’s okay. I […]

Home Automation Tutorials

How to Root the Mova Z500 Robot Vacuum and Install Valetudo

As part of my quest for cloudless home automation using Home Assistant, I recently bought a pair of Mova Z500 robot vacuums for $169 a piece (one for downstairs, one for upstairs) for use with Valetudo, a local network solution for a variety of cloud-powered robot vacuums, only to discover that there was no public […]