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REKS 1.7 Released! (Roll20 Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts)

Quite a few updates have come out since my last post about REKS, so I figured it was high time I talked about those!

Just looking for the user script? Grab it here.

Since v1.0, I’ve added the following features and improvements to REKS:

Better Dice Rolling

The dice roller (\r) now supports all Roll20 flavored dice expressions, including fudge dice (dF). Consequently, the very limited fudge dice command (\f) is no longer needed and has been removed.

Token Settings

  • \v Set vision for selected token
    • \vn Normal vision
    • \vx Blind (disable vision
    • \vd<dist> Darkvision
  • \l<bright>[/<dim>] Set token lighting
  • \s[name] Toggle token status markers by name (blank to clear all)
  • \o<opts> Set a wide variety of other token options, including:
    • Bar values & attribute mappings
    • Bar location & style
    • Visibility & edit permissions for bars, auras, and token name
    • Change token name & toggle nameplate visibility

Page Controls

  • \g Control page display
    • \ga<pagename> Send players & GM to the named page
    • \gp<pagename> Send just players to the named page
    • \gg<pagename> Send just the GM to the named page
    • \gs<settings> Set page settings:
      • Grid settings
      • Dynamic lighting settings
      • Fog of war

Game & User Prefs

  • \p<prefs> Set game/user level preferences, including:
    • Set display name
    • Enable/disable advanced keyboard shortcuts, 3D dice, animated graphics, etc.
    • Scroll settings
    • Status marker position
    • Player avatar size & location
    • Configure / disable integrated video chat

I used this to create a macro to configure a new Roll20 game just the way I like it: \p dsn=GM,aks=y,3dd=y,a3d=y,pas=n,cht=n


  • \nt Quickly and easily create rollable tables.
  • Various bugfixes and reliability improvements
  • Dev server support
  • Random QoL fix: Added an event filter to prevent accidentally losing work on a handout by hitting escape

If all that sounds good, head on over to GreasyFork and install the updated script!